National Board of Overseers

Established in 2010, the National Board of Overseers (NBO) plays a critical role in helping the College achieve its strategic vision in admission, philanthropy, and academics, while also assisting to increase awareness of the College nationally. 

The goal of the NBO is to secure involvement of volunteers who may assist in the College’s advancement, with a focus on the strategic plan, PC200.  

Council members:

  • Serve as a resource to the President, Board of Trustees, and senior administration regarding  strategic planning, admission, philanthropy, and other operational initiatives.
  • Become familiar with the College’s progress and challenges in order to contribute to positive growth and development.
  • Build a network of supporters who may be helpful in identifying and providing resources for the College


Participating members of this international board represent a variety of industries; including financial services, retail, law/government, hospitality, non-profit foundations, manufacturing, and community organizations.

Over the years, the board has offered feedback & support to promote Providence College as a premier national Catholic and Dominican liberal arts institution. Several members have gone on to serve the College on the Board of Trustees.

Current membership is listed below.

Board Meetings

The Board meets four times per year: twice in-person in the fall and spring, and twice virtually to augment the in-person meetings. Contact Therese Reilly,, director for constituent engagement, for more information.


Meghan Conroy Lyon '89

Meghan Conroy Lyon ’89

Richard R. Stravato '89, '20P, '24P

Richard R. Stravato ’89, ’20P, ’24P
Vice Chair

E. James Mulcahy, Jr. '66, '96P, '01P

E. James Mulcahy, Jr. ’66, ’96P, ’01P
Founding Chair

Janet E. Archer '82

Janet E. Archer ’82 
Council Member

NBO Generic

Paul E. Bachman ’90, ’22P
Council Member

Stephen J. Caldeira '81

Stephen J. Caldeira ’81
Council Member

Keith J. Cocozza '89

Keith J. Cocozza ’89
Council Member

Dawn Burgess Crouch '91

Dawn Burgess Crouch ’91
Council Member

Kevin J. Delane '87, '22P

Kevin J. Delane ’87, ’22P
Council Member

John M. Denson, Jr. '89, '19P, '22P

John M. Denson, Jr. ’89, ’19P, ’22P
Council Member

NBO Generic

Michael W. Dooher ’92
Council Member

Susan Frame Millstein '81

Susan Frame Millstein ’81
Council Member

Matthew F. Gaffney '91, '20P

Matthew F. Gaffney ’91, ’20P
Council Member

NBO Generic

Michael T. Glynn ’87
Council Member

Filippo S. Guerrini-Maraldi '86

Filippo S. Guerrini-Maraldi ’86
Council Member

Lisa DelPriore Hannan '85

Lisa DelPriore Hannan ’85
Council Member

William R. Hasler '79, '13P, '14P

William R. Hasler ’79, ’13P, ’14P
Council Member

Hugh Thomas Hurley, III, III '86

Hugh Hurley, III ’86
Council Member

R. Michael Kerrigan '89, '20P, '24P

R. Michael Kerrigan ’89, ’20P, ’24P
Council Member

Joseph A. Lenczycki, Jr., Esq. '70

Joseph A. Lenczycki, Jr., Esq. ’70
Council Member

Gerard P. Maron '91

Gerard P. Maron ’91
Council Member

Robert McCann '13P, '19P

Robert McCann ’13P, ’19P
Council Member

Mark E. Patchell '87

Mark E. Patchell ’87
Council Member

Matthew L. Pymm '99

Matthew L. Pymm ’99
Council Member

Kerry I. Rafanelli, Esq. '80

Kerry I. Rafanelli, Esq. ’80
Council Member

Patrick T. Ramge '88

Patrick T. Ramge ’88
Council Member

Mark J. Ruggeri, M.B.A. '93

Mark J. Ruggeri, M.B.A. ’93
Council Member

Thomas A. Schissler '86, '14P, '16P, '23P

Thomas A. Schissler ’86, ’14P, ’16P, ’23P
Council Member

Jeffrey T. Scott '93

Jeffrey T. Scott ’93
Council Member

Loreen Sellitto

Loreen Sellitto
Council Member

Jennifer Alcarez Smith '85

Jennifer Alcarez Smith ’85
Council Member

NBO generic

Michele Magnier Sweeney ’89, ’19P, ’20P
Council Member

Therese M. Taylor '93

Therese M. Taylor ’93
Council Member

Therese C. Reilly '83, '19P, '20P, '22P

Therese C. Reilly ’83, ’19P, ’20P, ’22P
Ex Officio Member 

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Updated June 1, 2021