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Governance Overview

In the summer of 1994, Providence College restructured its governing body to a two-tier structure: a Corporation and a Board of Trustees (web site).


St. Dominic Chapel Steeple
St. Dominic Chapel Steeple

The 12-member Corporation is the body that has the ultimate authority to exercise control over ownership of property, to promulgate and amend the by-laws, to accept or reject the recommendation for election to the Presidency of the College by the Board of Trustees, and to elect members of the Corporation and of the Board of Trustees.

The Corporation is comprised of four ex officio members and eight other individuals elected by the Corporation, four Dominican friars and four lay persons. The ex officio members are the provincial of the Province of St. Joseph, the elected leader of the Dominican Order for the eastern region of the United States; the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Providence; the president of the College; the executive vice president/treasurer and the chair of the Board of Trustees.

The terms of office of the Bishop, the president, the provincial and the chair of the Board of Trustees are co-terminus with the respective incumbency of each. The term of all other members is three years.

Board of Trustees

Charged with complete governance of the affairs of the College not reserved to the Corporation, the Board of Trustees establishes major institutional goals, engages in long-range planning and policy-making, oversees the annual operating budget of the College and oversees the review process and recommends a Dominican friar for election to the presidency of the College.

The Board of Trustees is comprised of not less than 25 and not more than 40 members. Each member of the Corporation and the executive vice president of the College shall be ex officio members of the Board. The remaining members shall be elected by the Corporation from among a list of candidates proposed by the Board of Trustees. A Board member is elected to a three-year term and is eligible to serve three full consecutive terms.
Currently, there are 38 members serving on the Trustees. The members of the College corporation are also members of the Board of Trustees. The Board meets three times a year.

National Board of Overseers

National Board of Overseers Overview (PDF)


The College president is the chief executive of the institution. The President’s Cabinet, consisting of the president, executive vice president/treasurer and eight vice presidents, is the primary organizational vehicle by which the College is administered. The Cabinet typically meets weekly to discuss major administrative issues and make policy decisions. Responsibility for implementing Cabinet decisions rests with the appropriate vice president and/or the College president.