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Shared Governance Committee

The Committee is charged with:

  1. developing a communications plan to address governance issues affecting various constituent groups. The plan will include a system for soliciting input from various constituent groups, engaging constituencies in meaningful discussions, and sharing the outcomes of such discussions with those affected in a timely fashion; 
  2. reviewing research on best practices in organizations’ academic governance structures (schools, etc.) to encourage the exchange of ideas that will inform Committee discussions; identifying governance practices suitable for Providence College;
  3. reviewing research on best practices relating to work/life balance issues in response to the changing needs of faculty and staff;
  4. striving for consensus, whenever possible, when developing Committee recommendations to be considered by the Faculty Senate, the Administration, and the Board of Trustees.
  5. creating subcommittees, or involving existing committees as needed, to complement the Shared Governance Committee’s work toward addressing any of the above specific charges.

Committee Composition

The Shared Governance Committee (SGC) will be comprised of:

  • Executive Vice President will serve as Chair;
  • three (3) representatives from the Board of Trustees (appointed by the Board Chair);
  • three (3) representatives of the Administration (appointed by the President);
  • one (1) representative of the Province of St. Joseph (appointed by the President);
  • six (6) representatives of the Faculty, one (1) of whom shall be the President of the Faculty Senate or his/her designee; three (3) faculty members elected from among the faculty at-large, and two (2) faculty members appointed by the College President. 

Committee Members