Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee shall consist of the Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs/Provost and at least nine (9) other members, including two (2) faculty members nominated by the Faculty Senate; one (1) student nominated annually by the Student Congress; and five (5) members of the Board appointed by the Chairperson of the Board.

The Academic Affairs Committee shall concern itself with academic policies and plans of the College and recommend measures deemed requisite to make the most effective use of the educational resources of the College, including faculty, curriculum, library facilities, and related matters.  The committee is responsible for monitoring (i) learning goals and outcomes; (ii) program quality, institutional and program accreditation and program review; (iii) enrollment, student retention, and graduation rates; (iv) policies and procedures related to faculty compensation, appointment, tenure, and promotion; (v) academic planning; (vi) the structure of academic programs; and (vii) budgets for academic programs and services.


  • Dr. Henry C. Foley ’77, ’15Hon., Chair
  • Duane M. Bouligny ’94, ’21Hon.
  • John P. Dawley Jr. ’86
  • John Houlihan Jr., Esq. ’77, ’08P
  • Douglas A. Kingsley ’16P
  • Teresa A. Lavoie, Ph.D., J.D. ’89
  • Meghan C. Lyon ’89
  • Fr. Michael Mascari, O.P.
  • Very Rev. Thomas Petri, O.P., S.T.D.

Non-Trustee Members

  • Dr. John J. Breen III ’81
  • Fr. Justin Brophy, O.P.
  • Angelika M. Kartsagoulis ’25 
  • Dr. Sean F. Reid
  • Dr. C. Joanna Su

Non-Voting PC Administrators

  • Dr. Brian J. Bartolini
  • Raul A. Fonts ’21P, ’25P
  • Dr. Sylvia Maxfield
  • Dr. Yune K. Tran
  • Dr. Margaret A. Watkins