Investment Committee

The Investment Committee shall consist of the Executive Vice President of the College, the Senior Vice President for Finance & Business/Chief Financial Officer, the Chairperson or another Board member from the Finance Committee, and at least four (4) other members appointed by the Chairperson of the Board, including one (1) faculty member and three (3) members of the Board.

The Investment Committee is charged with the oversight and management review of all of the College’s investments, most especially its major investment portfolios. The Committee will formulate and annually review an Investment Policy Statement, which shall detail the investment objectives for the College’s major investment portfolios and shall include a policy on socially responsible investing. This Investment Policy Statement shall be ratified by the Board of Trustees following its initial formulation and any periodic review.


  • Kevin P. Quirk ’87, Chair
  • Thomas P. Corcoran ’80, Emeritus
  • Paul R. Galietto ’78, Emeritus
  • Robert T. Gorman ’78, Emeritus
  • Ann Manchester-Molak ’75, ’11P
  • Michael J. Tucker ’93
  • Mark T. Voll ’77
  • Christopher J. Walker ’86, ’20P, ’23P

Non-Trustee Members

  • Brian K. Roberts, C.I.M.A. ’88
  • John M. Sweeney ’15P, ’19P
  • Dr. Edward A. Szado, C.F.A.

Non-Voting PC Administrator

  • Fr. Kevin Robb, O.P. ’71