Varsity Athletics Committee

The Varsity Athletics Committee shall consist of the  Associate Vice President for Athletics/Athletic Director, and at least seven (7) other members appointed by the Chairperson of the Board, including one (1) faculty member, one (1) student, and five (5) members of the Board.

The Committee shall exercise oversight on all aspects of athletic programs and shall make recommendations to the Board on ways in which Athletics can better serve the overall mission and purpose of the College.


  • Richard E. Gotham ’86, Chair
  • Joseph M. Calabria Jr. ’65, ’93P
  • Gregory S. Christenson ’89
  • Robert J. Clark ’80
  • Rudolph Cline-Thomas ’00
  • Michael J. Joyce ’84, ’24P
  • Kevin C. Phelan ’66, ’15Hon.
  • Christopher F. Virgulak ’77
  • Monica D. Womack ’91

Non Trustee Members

  • Steven R. Napolillo ’98
  • Rev. John C. Vidmar, O.P.

Non-Voting PC Administrators

  • Jill M. LaPoint