Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee shall consist of the Executive Vice President/Treasurer, the President of the Faculty Senate (or his/her designee), the co-chairs of the College’s Strategic Planning Committee, and at least seven (7) other members appointed by the Chairperson of the Board, including one (1) student, and six (6) members of the Board.

The Strategic Planning Committee shall oversee the strategic planning efforts of the College and shall review and make recommendations with respect to the Administration’s ongoing oversight of the Plan. Specifically, the Committee will ensure that the planning process is both inclusive and comprehensive; that existing Plan objectives are regularly evaluated and refined, and new initiatives developed in light of changing circumstances; that Plan initiatives are aligned with the College’s long-range financial plan and fundraising efforts; that objective and quantifiable metrics against which to measure success are established and annually evaluated; and that procedures are in place to facilitate effective communication and implementation of the Plan. The Committee will review and evaluate ongoing assessment efforts related to the Plan and will make formal recommendation for approval of the Plan to the Board and Corporation.


  • Dennis J. Langwell ‘80, Chair
  • Joseph M. Calabria Jr. ’65, ’93P, ’27G 
  • John A. Cervione ’87
  • James M. Chirico Jr. ’80
  • Maureen Davenport Corcoran ’79 
  • Sharon T. Driscoll ’80, Emerita
  • Richard E. Gotham ’86
  • Ann Manchester-Molak ’75, ’11P
  • Christopher K. Reilly ’84
  • Megan C. Smith ’91
  • Monica D. Womack, M.B.A. ’91

Non-Trustee Members

  • Dr. Robert Barry
  • Dr. Brian J. Bartolini
  • Dr. Quincy A. Bevely
  • Michael H. Botelho
  • Raul A. Fonts ’21P, ’25P  
  • Fr. Thomas More Garrett, O.P.
  • Dr. Sylvia Maxfield
  • Dr. Kyle J. McInnis
  • Julia M. Rossi ’24 
  • John M. Sweeney ’15P, ’19P
  • Dr. Jennifer L. Van Reet